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Building Automation Systems which are integrated to control the HVAC, save energy and operational cost while providing the customer a graphical web-based interface. Pre-emptive diagnostics, operation and maintenance scheduling, trend and event logging, energy analysis, alarming and precise control are benefits of an integrated Building Automation System. Shumate Mechanical offers Building Automation services in order to provide customers a single source solution for their HVAC needs.
Fluent in several Automation system platforms, Shumate Mechanical fully supports two manufacturers including design, programming, installation and services. Both manufacturers, Honeywell and Trane, offer a complete line of Building Automation System hardware, software and firm ware and are BACNET and LON compliant for wired devices. Every project is unique and Shumate Mechanical tries to match the best Automation solution to each project, regardless of manufacturer.
Honeywell Tridium
Shumate Mechanical is one of the select contractors certified by Honeywell to provide and install the Webs AX product line. The first to be certified in Georgia, we have partnered with Honeywell as an ACS (Automation Controls Specialist) approved contractor since 2005. Our sales engineers and programmers are factory trained to provide Automation solutions using the Tridium platform.
For a demonstration of the Honeywell WEB AX product, please see the Honeywell Demonstration on this page.
Trane Automation Solutions
Factory-trained and one of the few contractors enrolled in Trane's Applied Systems Contractor Program, Shumate Mechanical fully supports Trane Summit Energy Management and Building Automation systems. Approved to provide, install, and program Trane hardware and software, we are able to fully integrate and automate an HVAC system, especially if the Trane Summit system is coupled with Trane HVAC equipment. Supporting the Trane Summit product that pairs flexibility and ease-of-use with the power of seamless factory integration to Trane Equipment, Shumate provides customers with the desired single-source Equipment and Controls solution.
For a demonstration of the Trane Summit product, please see the Summit Demonstration on this page.
Lighting Controls & Security
The ability to control different building functions using one platform is a beneficial tool to building engineers and owners. Shumate Mechanical can integrate lighting and security to your HVAC interface using the Honeywell Tridium platform. Our experienced sales engineers can answer any question you may have regarding integration of lighting or security on your next project.
Mobile Automation
Taking the customer interface with building automation systems to the next level, our Automation team and our IT professionals are harnessing the power of the iPhones and other mobile platforms to provide you with the ability to view your building's HVAC using your smart device. We are supplementing the other traditional interfaces of workstations and laptops, and offering a mobile solution to fully harness the WEB capability of your building automation system.
For more information on how you can view and edit your HVAC system from your phone, see the virtual Mobile Demonstration on this page that takes Automations to the next level.
Safety is integrated into every construction project by planning and pre-planning various construction activities. Each of Shumate Mechanical's Automation technicians receives continuous education and updates on safety. Each Foreman typically has the following safety certifications: OSHA 10, Fall Protection Competent Person, Shumate Safety Program, Lift Operation & Safety, Lull and Forklift Operation & Safety, Powder Actuated Tools, and CPR & First Aid. Many have additional safety certifications including Confined Space, OSHA 30, Scaffold Competent Person, and more.
On-Site Communication
Equipped with smart devices to allow immediate communication and data transfer to our office, project managers, and customers, Shumate Mechanical's Automation technicians are able to facilitate quick and efficient communication. Whether it is requesting material procurement, scheduling a delivery, or clarifying a job specification, our Automation technicians are equipped to communicate effectively and efficiently from each job site.
For more information regarding technology advancements and use of the iPhones by our field personnel, please visit our News & Events.
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