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Shumate Mechanical recognizes the organizational and individual responsibility to be environmentally conscious and for this reason, we are committed to contributing to green building projects as well as structuring internal green programs that promote recycling and conservation of energy. For a better insight on our internal programs view our Shumate Green page.
Green Building Solutions offers environmentally conscious resolutions in the design, construction and operation of a project that are energy efficient and in the long run may be cost effective. Shumate Mechanical works with owners, general contractors and other trades in Green building Projects, by using the expertise of our certified professionals to access various aspects of the project from the planning process that involves our sales team, to the completion that includes job commissioning and turn over.
Shumate Mechanical certified professionals can take the lead on projects in submitting paperwork to gain certification. Please review our green project page to view projects that Shumate submitted certification paperwork.
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