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Refrigerant Reclamation
Refrigerant is an important component in most HVAC equipment but it can have damaging effects to the atmosphere if not collected and disposed properly. The Shumate Mechanical team carefully reclaims refrigerant from equipment and if not contaminated, it is recycled and reused and otherwise sent to a reclamation facility to be disposed in accordance EPA regulations.
refrigerant reclamation
Energy Efficient Lighting Controls
Regulating office lighting saves energy and in turn reduces operation cost. Shumate Mechanical installed WattStopper, motion sensor, energy efficient lighting controls to ensure that energy is only being consumed when a space is occupied.
Commodity Recycle
Air Conditioners are made of materials such as copper, aluminum, tin and electric motors that can all be recycled. For this reason, Shumate Mechanical employs full time staff to disassemble condemned HVAC equipment and sends the scrap material, which would otherwise sit in a land fill ,to recycling centers.
Conservative Vehicle Fleet
Shumate Mechanical is progressively moving towards a conservative fleet of vehicles that operate on lower gas consumption and leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Our everyday vehicles include Toyota Prius, Escape Hybrids and shuttle vans which reduce the number of vehicles that we put on the road daily.
conservative vehicle fleet
Energy Management System
At our office building, we use Direct Digital Controls (DDC) to manage the building lighting and HVAC system. The DDC system allows us to set schedules for the HVAC equipment and lighting operation and the conditions for activation. The reduces the amount of energy used and saves in operation cost.
No Idling Zones
Shumate Mechanical is a participant of The Clean Air Campaign idling reduction program. By our warehouse and in other areas that may have drivers idling while loading and unloading of vehicles, Shumate designated idling zones to cuts down on air pollution and as a bonus save money on fuel. Learn more about this initiative, by reading the Shumate Clean Air Campaign case study.
Paper Recycling
New technology allows us to promote paperless communication, but when paper is in use, all have gotten on board to recycle when no longer in use. We have recycle bins set up in all offices and schedule regular pick ups.
  Rain Water Reclamation
To reduce our water consumption, we have tanks set up to collect rain run-off water. The water collected is used for general cleaning and to maintain the cleanliness of truck fleet.
rain water reclamation
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